Air filter

The air filter shall be inspected every day.
Every day, the dust-collecting bag shall be cleared (for heavy duty air filter), and the dust cap or air inlet silencing chamber shall be cleaned. In the dusty environment, the cleaning operations shall be more frequent. If it is very dirty in the environment, it is recommended to arrange the air inlet of compressor to the place with clean air supply in the outdoor.
Every time the vacuum switch of air filter acts, or when the pressure loss reaches 25” water column, or when the indicator is lit, the filter core shall be maintained. When it operates every 500 hours or 3 months, the air filter shall be inspected for the damages and the air inlet system shall be inspected for the sealing; in the normal operating conditions, the element of air filter shall be replaced every 2000 hours or a year. If the environment condition is poor and dusty (such as ceramic, cement and etc), the maintenance and replacement intervals shall be properly shortened. For the heavy duty filter, when the main filter core is replaced, the safety filter core shall be also replaced. The safety filter core requires no maintenance during the operation.

Oil separator

The element has an overall structure and can congeal the oil mist on its surface to become the oil drops which will fall into the bottom of separator and then be recovered by the oil return pipe to return to the compression chamber. The separator has to be carefully handled to avoid the damages. Once the element of separator is hit and deformed, even an indentation will influence the separating efficiency, consequently resulting in the excessive oil content in the discharged air of compressor. Even a tiny hole on the component will lead to very high oil content.
In the normal case, if the air filter and oil filter are maintained in a good condition, then the periodic replacement of filter core in the oil-gas separator will not be required.
If the following conditions occur to the machine, then it will be required to replace the element of oil-gas separator:
The pressure differential switch of separator acts and the pressure differential between the front and rear sides exceeds 1.0kg.
n the case that the oil level, loading and unloading, and the oil return system are identified to be normal, the oil content in compressed air is still too high.
Every other 4,000 hours

Oil filter

After the new machine operates for 600 hours, the element of oil filter shall be replaced. Afterwards, it is required to replace the oil filter when the following conditions occur. For replacing the filter core, the machine shall be shut down. Wipe off the dirt and oil from the outside carefully and prevent the foreign matters from entering into the lubricating system as far as possible.
In the normal operating temperature, the filter (pressure differential) has an alarm. In this point, the pressure differential of filter exceeds 1.7 bars (25 psi).
Every time it operates for 1000 hours.
When the lubricating oil is replaced.
When the oil sample is assayed to be disqualified.

Lubricating oil

The screw air compressor designed and manufactured by Screw Company can use the synthetic lubricating oils listed in the below table. Every delivered compressor unit has a lubricating oil tag to indicate the type of lubricating oil filled in the unit. The different types of lubricating oils are adaptive to the different ambient temperature and load conditions and the oil-changed interval is also different. Only when the specialized synthetic lubricating oil from Screw Company is used, then the corresponding warranty service can be obtained.

Exchange Element

Each compressor is built-in with a precision-made screw air end engineered and manufactured by World A+ Class Company.
They has designed each of its screw air ends for maximum efficiency, low-noise operation and long service life and overall our compressors feature very low energy consumption. By using our Service Exchange, you can avoid unexpected air end failures and the risk of consequential damage to other vital compressor components. Their Service Exchange air end offers the most cost-effective solution for extending the service life of your compressor.

Compressor Oil Filtration

Performance of the compressor can be hampered due to dust and dirt contaminating the compressor oil thus causing damage to the rotors and their housings. Also as the same oil lubricates the compressor element bearings, damage to these vital components could potentially lead to rotor contact and service failure.


Corporate Commitment

Sardar Corporation is committed to provide with best possible quality SCR Air Compressor and other products to factories in this fast changing world of economy. Professional excellence, high standards of business ethics and quality products are the foundation of its services. With a proven management expertise in the guidance role, the young entrepreneur has moved dynamically to focus the company in a difference and unique position in the local industry.

Company Strategy

The Company’s main strategy is to grow in dynamic and steady way through giving more attention and values to the customers’ need as the key component for success. So, the company has set a policy to build a smooth channel to provide required support to the customers. The company gives priority to develop and implement practical solutions tailored to the clients’ specific needs. To every single event for the clients, the company gives specific attention to solve them.

Marketing Strategy

‘Power Create Efficiency, Quality Create Future’ is the slogan of Sardar Corporation. Marketing is one of the main challenges of success in a business. Since Air Compressor marketing is a new concept in Bangladesh, a part of Sardar Corporation marketing plan is being supply, commission and nurture the best quality Air Compressor and other products for valued customers in the country.